My work on technology looks at the implications of digital media use for our lives, particularly the way that we think and behave. These pieces draw together psychology research into how technology can affect our mental health and personalities. Much of it has been produced with Wistla founder Dr Richard Wolman.

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Four digital disorders you might have and how to beat them

Using digital media excessively can damage our mental health and even change the way that we relate to other people. But it's hard to regulate our usage when many apps and social networking sites are specifically designed to hook us in and keep us online. Here's how to spot the signs that things have gone too far - and how to reverse the process.


Why we need face to face contact

Social media encourages us to build vast networks of 'friends' or 'followers'. But research shows we have neither the brain power nor time to have meaningful relationships with more than around 100-200 people. And real-life contact counts.

Augmented experience?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is developing rapidly, and promises huge benefits for how we navigate around our environments, access information, work and play. But what is it making us miss?