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Dr Chris Merritt

Writer and Clinical Psychologist

I studied Geography at Oxford University before joining the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. There, I worked as a diplomat in Iraq and Jerusalem before leaving to retrain as a psychologist. I practised in clinical psychology in the UK national health service for six years, while studying for a doctorate at King's College London.

After completing my doctorate in 2016, I now split my time between project management for the Wellcome Trust's African Mental Health Research Initiative (AMARI) at King's and consultancy work on psychology for businesses.

Since 2010 I have been writing - both academic papers and blogs - on psychology, mental health, technology and parkour.

In 2014 I began writing crime fiction, and my debut novel Bring Her Back was published in March 2018. Its sequel, Last Witness, was released in July 2018 and book 3 is coming in early 2019.